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Bonjoy Plum Vinegar HEALTH FOODS

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Key Features

High quality vinegars can improve your health,revitalize your body function and improve metabolism

Ingredients : Derived from Natural Plum,Acetic acid fungus, Concentrated sugar cane juice,

brewed Vinegar.

Net Weight : 600ml

Storage : Use within 6 months after opening

keep refrigerated after 6 months.

Plum contains:

1. Good quality organic acids and minerals

2. Bitter acid – improves the metabolism,

reduce fatigue

3. Catechetic acid – improves and maintain

healthy digestive system

4. Citric acid – help to yield the secretion of

saliva, revitalize the body function

Concentrated sugar cane juice contains:

1. 20% sugar contained in sugar cane

2. Contains rich minerals, fibers and traces of

Amino acids, vegetable oils & etc..

Characteristic of brewed Vinegar

The major ingredient of brewed vinegar is acetic

acid, contains large amount of other organic

acids, such as succinic acid, malic acid, citric acid,

and amino acid etc.

Characteristic of Plum Vinegar:

Help to dissolve foods to convert the bacterial

biological in colon. Revitalize your body function.

Maintain the beauty and long lasting young


★ Regular consumption of Plum Syrup and Plum

Vinegar can improve digestive system and

sleeping quality, revitalize body function and


Preparation Instructions:

1. Mix 30c.c.of the original vinegar with 1-3 times of warmor cool boiled water for drinking..

* At least 2-4 times everyday before eat and sleep.

2. Used as salad dressing, yogurt, or seasoning for fruits, boiled vegetables, fired food or casseroles.

Shake the bottle well before use please.

Last Update : 2010-05-24
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