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Braised Fried Egg Fillet – Once tasted, you can’t go back! — traditional savory taste of Taiwanese country

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This product is originated back in the 50s of Taiwanese country. Good friend of rice, noodle, porridge, vegetable, and wine This product is originated back in the 50s of Taiwanese country. It is savory and salty, best to go with rice, noodle, porridge, vegetable, and wine. Royal Savory Egg Crisp with Seaweed contains only 2 main ingredients, free-range duck egg and tasty seaweed. Apart from the simple real food, it is processed with complex method and manual work to create the old savory taste in our memory. It’s like when you eat Karasumi—once you have one, you’ll want more and more. Traditional taste of granny’s will make you travel back in time A. Smell: When opening the package, savory aroma of duck egg and seaweed will hit your nose and make you mouth-watering. B. Taste: Cut it into 0.5cm cubes and taste. The lingering traditional flavor will bring you back to the 50s in Taiwan, when things were simple and nice. And the memory of granny’s feast will emerge with this aroma. C. Chew: Take a piece of Braised Fried Egg Fillet, gently smash it or dice it on a bowl of rice. Have a big bite and enjoy the salty savory flavor that will make you want more bites. Traditional savory salty taste, pure food from pure past. Traditional methods traditionally made, addictive flavor for good mates. *Select: Choose free-range duck eggs, select by hand, marinated with traditional recipe and filtered water *Cook: Hard boil the eggs, and then mix the yolk and the white *Shape: Shape the egg with seaweed with hand, pat until firm *Cut: After 1 day in drying room, under the best moisture, cut into pieces manually with real skill *Saute: Saute over high heat to bring out fragrance, and add seasoning like soy sauce to elevate the caramelized flavor *Shower: Roll and mix the solid ingredients, and coat them with exclusive sauces sequentially. The complex method is the secret of extreme scent of the Royal XO Sauce.

Last Update : 2019-08-03
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