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Chang Yong Tying Machine CY-1000

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Key Features

Model CY-1000 Specifications:

Tying speed: 16-22 bundles.
Conveyor speed: 56-70m/min.
Motor number: 8 pieces.
Electricity consumption: 3.75kw.
Air compressor required: 800nl, 7.5kw.
Tying size (please click the above drawing icon for indication of following ABCDE size. Also kindly offer the ABCDE length information when inquiring)
A 1,500 mm, 3,000 mm.
B 1,000 mm, 1,500 mm.
C 240 mm.
D 960 mm, 2,000 mm.
E 270 mm.
A 400 mm.
B 300 mm, 100 mm.
C 40 mm.
D 250 mm, 350 mm.
E 30 mm.
The flat surface and adjustable conveyor is horizontal with the design of fully automatic double-head binding machine.
The elevation accessory structure of the binding machine is equipped with a sliding track at the button with safety design.
Complete fully automatic and man-less operation.
Automatic adjustment when tying various carton size.
Easy set up on tying speed, auto-start, auto-tying and auto-counting.

Model 1000 is especially designed for binding paper board, corrugate paper and cartons.
This design can perfectly connected with paper board making machines and shift to fully automatic production line.

Chang Yong Tying Machines provides fully automatic tying machines and semi-automatic tying machines for cardboard products especially.

The machines adjust the tension and string length automatically during tying process. The properties of string (PE D28) are perfect for Cardboard.

The twine strength can hold up to 132 ponds weight but no damage on the cardboard. For continuous operation, the tying speed can up to 30 bundles on semi-automatic models and 26 bundles for fully automatic models. No labors required for fully automatic models and less manpower required for semi-automatic models are tremendous reduce labor work. Chang Yong Machines Patented design sensors not only precisely align the tying location, but also safely prevent from labor injury. Chang Yong Machinery is the best helper for you.

Chang Yong Machinery can perfectly equipped with corrugated box making machines such as automatic folder gluer machine, carton printing and cutting machine and other carton making machines. There is no problem in equipped with the fastest automatic folder gluer machine in the world. The Tying Machines equipped with corrugated box making machines is fully automatic and no manpower required during the tying process. The friendly user controlling panel is super easy to set up and operate. As soon as set up the machine in few minutes, the tying machine will continuous running immediately. The properties of string (PE D28) are perfect for carton products. The twine strength can hold up to 132 ponds weight but no damage on the carton products. We also welcome Customer design machine size or related accessaries, conveyor or parts to meet your demand.

Last Update : 2015-03-24
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