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Egg & Mushroom Sauce – Most inquired cooking cheats!

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A spoonful of sauce in in a pan, a rookie to a chef! Insisting using nature ingredients, making the magic sauce of happiness with 0% chemical additives. Chef’s Golden Sauce Series uses free-range ducks’ egg as base, incorporating ingredients that make the best taste of duck egg stands out, such as dried Shiitake, Seaweed, and Facing heaven pepper. It is also complemented with Black bean soy sauce with natural fermentation, natural Milin, which is also chosen by Royal chef in Japan, and Licorice which is listed as a first-class anti-cancer food in the USA. All seasoned naturally, 0% artificial flavor add, creating an unprecedented mellow taste that serve as the best final touch of cooking! A spoonful of sauce in in a pan will bring out the best flavors of dishes! (no food colorings, no preservatives, no artificial flavors) You just couldn’t help it… but to add this magical sauce of happiness on every dish! Let’s taste this magical sauce together! Smell: When opening the lid, aroma of umami of duck egg and spice will be greeting your nose. The mild taste of Nature and the layers of seasoning will wake your taste buds and make you mouth-watering. Stir: Take a teaspoon and stir slowly to blend the oil and paste, and allow the aroma of natural spice and fragranced oil to fuse and to cover each egg crust. Linger: Take a spoonful of the sauce, the savory and sweet tastes of egg mixed with the umami of seaweed will cascade through your nose. Chew: Chew the egg crust, and the condensed taste will explode in your mouth, leaving you a mouthful of mild umami. Taste: Layers of flavors makes a feast of taste. It will dance with your taste buds and linger with your breath.

Last Update : 2019-08-03
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