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Forwood Molded Pallet

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  • Entry Type : 4-Way
  • Type : Euro Pallet

Key Features

Custom wooden pallets and skids designed and built here at Quality Support are durable, cost-efficient platforms for safe and effective transport, loading, and storage. As a professional packaging organization with decades of experience, we build pallets and skids in any configuration to support loads of any size and weight distribution.

Although the terms are frequently used interchangeably, pallets and skids are a little different. A wooden pallet is a low platform with both a top and bottom deck, typically built with three or four stingers to provide support and stability. Wooden skids are simply pallets without the bottom deck. While the extra sturdiness of pallets makes them a versatile choice for transport and storage, skids are often used for storage or as a base for heavy equipment and machinery.

When your application calls for a custom pallet or skid, our team goes into action. Based on your unit load and material handling conditions, we choose the best design and grade of lumber for your job. We offer disposable, reusable, or returnable options, depending on your transport, shipping and storage scenario. In addition to two-way pallets, we build them in heavy duty, four-way configurations that allow forklift or pallet jack access from all sides.

The wooden pallet manufacturers at Prime supply wood products including pallets, crates, and crane mats. Our manufactured wood products are specially made for our clients, and custom options are available. You can choose custom sizes, wood types, finishes, and more when ordering from us. Much of this is the same for our other wood products, get in touch with us to learn more. 

In today’s world, it’s always great to build a greener company, and we can help you do just that. A wooden pallet manufactured here is done so in an eco-friendly manner, and when it’s are no longer needed, we can even recycle it for your company and provide new ones.

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Last Update : 2018-05-24
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