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Forwood Molded Pallet

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Forwood Molded Pallet!!!! They are more stable and reliable! You don't need to consider!!Just buy it!You won't regret it


  • Entry Type : 4-Way
  • Type : Euro Pallet

Key Features

Forwoodpallets is a molded transport warehousing pad, according to the concept of environmental protection, Recyclable wood chips and synthetic resins made by continuous molding at high temperature Products, have the following characteristics: 
      1. Green and environment-friendly

  1. no need for fumigation, disinfection
  2. 100% recycling, no discards
  3. no environmental pollution
  4. environmental protection requirements

Its weight is 1/3 of the wooden pallet, and it is solid and reliable for handling. In the fast and mechanical operation of container transport, the maximum load can reach 2 tons. This product is suitable for occasions such as motorized forklifts, hand-operated forklifts, and three-dimensional warehouse controlled forklifts to meet the requirements of foreign trade and international transportation.


      1.It is a transportation platform that can be used as an alternative to wooden pallets      recommended by the European Union and the United States.

  1. Does not require fumigation and related certification.
  2. According to customer needs to provide special design.
  3. 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly.
  4. 2-3 times lighter than wooden pallets in the same volume.
  5. Have a reasonable and competitive price.


Note: In order to better provide customers with high-quality and reliable paper pallets, we need to understand the actual situation of customers making paper pallets. Such as

1 . The maximum weight to bear

2 . Do you need to enter the forklift on all four sides?

3 . The height of the foot or the height of the entire pallet;

4 . The stacking of goods on pallets or the stacking of single-layer cartons on pallets.


ForwoodPallet Contributions to Export

  1. Be recognized as environment friendly product because it made from recycled woodchips
  2. ISPM#15 granted free fumigation to export on behalf of both high temperature and high pressure in compressing process
  3. Can be disposed of harmlessly to the environment

    key words:export pallets regulations, fumigated wood, international shipping pallet requirements

Last Update : 2018-05-24
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