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Forwood molding pallet

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Forwood Molding Pallet!!!! They are more stable and reliable! You don't need to consider!!Just buy it!You won't regret it


  • Entry Type : 4-Way
  • Type : Euro Pallet

Key Features

FORWOOD molded pallets, for storage and transportation purposes, are made from recycled wood particles and synthetic resins that are formed in a controlled compress molding process, there are several advantages to these products: 1. No trouble in environmental concerns-- the material comes form recyclabe wood wastes and when finished with or worn out they can be disposed of harmlessly to the environment. 2. Flexible design available upon respective requirement. 3. Best of all, the cost of pallets is competitive with that of conventional wooden ones by our mass product.


Circular economy turns problems into opportunities.
There are many problems in this day. like Global warming, energy security, pollution, unsafe foods, unhealthy living, unsustainable growth.
Our forwoodpallet is 100% made from recycled wood
We need all you guys to support this kind of good and eco-friendly pallets.

As the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) stipulates, most wooden pallets that cross national borders must be made from materials that cannot become carriers of invasive insects and plant diseases. This standard is stipulated in ISPM 15.


The production of raw materials, untreated wooden pallets that do not comply with the ISPM 15 phytosanitary regulations must meet the standards, and must be handled in one of the following ways:


The heat treated wood must be heated to a minimum core temperature of 56°C (132.8°F) for at least 30 minutes. The pallet IPPC identification abbreviation HT logo handled in this way.

Chemically fumigated wood must be fumigated with methyl bromide. The pallet IPPC identification abbreviation MB identifier processed in this way. All EU member states have now banned use.

Non-wood materials such as steel, aluminium, plastic or composite wood products such as plywood, oriented strand board, or pallets made of corrugated board do not require the approval of the International Plant Protection Convention and are considered exempt from ISPM 15.

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Last Update : 2018-05-24
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