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Forwood molding pallet

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Forwood Molding Pallet!!!! They are more stable and reliable! You don't need to consider!!Just buy it!You won't regret it


  • Entry Type : 4-Way
  • Type : Euro Pallet

Key Features

Forwood pallets are manufactured, recycled, repaired or remanufactured for the sole purpose of storing and/or transporting material. Under no circumstances should a pallet be used for anything other than its intended purpose, such as a person standing, stepping, or leaning upon them or otherwise using them for support or as a structural construction component. The wood pallet user has the obligation and responsibility to inspect for damage prior to each pallet use and to determine that the pallet design is appropriate for that particular unit load application. All pallets should be removed from service if determined to be unsafe and dangerous to persons or goods.

If customers have special need, we can customize the pallets for them.
We can provided complete technical consulting service and design only for you products.include:packaging box, winding shaft, cylinder lid, diaphragm etc usage of logistics materials.

There is a experiment result about bending test
We prepare three kinds of pallets to compare their bending
A. Forwood pallets
B. Plywood
C. Meranti wood
The result shows that Forwood pallets can afford about 4000kgs and its bending about 6mm.
Plywood can afford about 3000kgs and its bending about 10mm.
Last, Meranti wood can afford about 4000kgs but it bending about 14mm, more than Forwood pallets.
So, Forwood pallets is your best choice.

In the control of the manufacturing process, the raw materials are blended, and the dose dosage forming conditions are continuously monitored by a precision electronic metering head to ensure stable product quality and high-efficiency output.

When the pallets are done, they are stacked as they are in the picture
When there is a purchase order, the package transportation is sent to the customer.
Save space to control the humidity of the environment will not let forwoodpallet have the possibility of moisture
Very environmentally friendly forwoodpallet
Don't you want to buy it?

key words:euro pallet, export pallets, custom pallets

Last Update : 2018-05-24
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