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HG Super Speed Shrink Sleeve Applicator (HLG-2500)

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Super Speed Sleeve Insert(600bpm)!


  • Inner Diameter of Sleeve Roll : 5"-10"
  • Sleeve Material : PVC, PET, OPS, PLA
  • Container Shape : Round, Oval, Square, Rectangular
  • Container Material : Glass, Metal, Plastic
  • Container Height : Max350mm
  • Container Volume : 800cc and below
  • Speed : 500bpm(according sleeve length of 100mm as standard)
  • Electric Power : AC -3 Phase 220V/2.5KW
  • Weight : 650kgs
  • Dimension (LxWxH) : 2000x1300x2040
  • Sleeve Thickness : 0.04-0.08mm

Key Features

1. Original designed T type overall stainless steel machine body with large acrylic safety door, easy for operation and maintenance, also CE compliant. (Model HLG-2500 & HLH-2500 are not equipped with T-type overall stainless steel machine body)
2. Cutting edge technology of numerical double drive mandrel holding system, no defect after long term usage, ensures operation consistency from different operators.
3. Equipped with high-level HMI and CE standard backlight button for optimal operation and convenience.
4. Mandrel with patent design: grooved tail for sensor positioning, enhancing sleeve cutting accuracy, which is rarely seen among high speed sleever.
5. Unique multi-bar sleeve buffer/guidance and sleeve tension adjustment system make sleeve transporting nice and smooth even in high speed. Sleeve threading and cutting is quick, easy and precise which no other machine can achieve. Different types of double reel sleeve holder is optional.
6. Machine head rise/drop automatically, and able to do slant-sleeving, suitable for various bottles.
7. Divide left/right feed flow entirely, allowing each feed flow achieves high consistency.
8. Adjustable high speed cutting plate, using large blade for high duration, thus suitable for multiple bottle shapes. With internal sensor, origining system is totally automatic.
9. Using DC brushless motor, the whole clamping device can be adjusted simultaneously.
10. Standard equipment includes special designed spin set (1 set), which makes sleeving multiple shapes(square, oval, rectangular) of bottles possible.
11. High-level driving motor & cutting motor, even sleeve cut length of 180mm at 600bpm is quality approved.
12. High quality wiring set(including wiring safety box, metal connector, protection shield...), all CE compliant.
13. Equipped with intelligent memory settlement when sleeving multiple bottle types at different speed, providing user-friendly and convenient changeover.
14. Exclusive and innovative design of the device providing super speed bottle separation without bottle falling (excluded from standard equipment), which enables stable, smooth and fast bottle separation without slowing down conveyor speed.

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT
  • Minimum Order : 1 Set/ Sets


    HG Super Speed Shrink Sleeve labeling Machine

Last Update : 2020-04-27
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