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Imperial Palace:Astragalus Tea Bag

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Key Features

Best time to drink:

A cup in the morning after getting up will give you the energy for the whole day. A cup after a meal helps with digestion

Drinking several cups a day on an empty stomach will nourish the body and help maintain health.

Brewing method:

Place one bag in a cup and add about 350cc of water of approximately 100C.Wait for around five minutes, then drink. Each bag can be used for two or three brews. When several people are being served several bags can be placed in a pot, the strength of the tea adjusted to suit personal taste. The bags/bags can be left in the cup/pot or removed until used to make another cup/pot. If the tea is refrigerated after brewing the taste is also excellent. 

This product is suitable for:

This product is suitable for women during and after pregnancy, office workers who send long hours sat down, mentally and physically fatigued people and and people who stay up late and eat out .

This product is suitable for people of all ages.

Live the LOHAS life:

For people who want be healthy: Strengthen your body, become revitalized and stay healthy.

For women who want to look good: Women will see their figures improved. The collagen inside their body will be activated, and metabolism will also be stimulated, making you feel and look better.

This product also regulates the physiological functions, helps digestion and smoothes bowel movements, helping you stay clean internally and live a happy life.

Protect the environment – Creative fragrant pouches:

The used tea bags can be cut open along the edge and then dried after the contents are removed. Fragrant dried flowers can be placed inside then the bag sewed back together, making a small fragrant bag. These can be placed on the tea table, on the shoe rack, on the dinner table, in the bathroom or is cupboards to maintain a pleasant aroma and add vitality to your living space. Of course, you can also be creative and Chun Dian Bio Technology Co looks forward to receiving your suggestions.

Product Certification

Last Update : 2012-05-24
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