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Medical Health Care Products, Breathable oil stretch patch

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Glycinetomentella Hayata (One Root), as valuable as diamonds, surpassing KoreanGinseng


KinmenGlycine tomentella Hayata (One Root) grows in the Kinmen Zhushan village andused to be known as Shanzido. The scientific name of Glycine tomentella Hayatais Glycine tomentella Hayata, which is the perennial Leguminosae plant. Thename in Chinese “One root” comes from the appearance of the plant as it usuallygrows only one root without rootlets.

Themedicinal part of One Root is the root that extends deeply into the ground. A three-year-oldroot is approximately 50-60 mm long, which makes it very difficult to pull out fromthe ground and is called “One Root” or “Flemingia”. The residents of KinmenZhusan village consider One Root as a magical medical plant and key to theirgood health.

WildOne Root can be found on the mountains and wastelands of Kinmen. However, thesupply of wild One Roots can no longer meet demand and the majority of One Rootavailable on the market is planted. When consumed, One Root is warming and spicyand the root part of One Root is a unique brick-red color that comes from theland of Kinmen. The best way to consume One Root is to cook it in water anddrink the liquid daily, which may help to improve one’s physique, improve bloodcirculation, cool down as a result of overheating, reduce excessive sweating,and is also effective as a antipyretic and analgesic. It may be used to curesciatica, aching pain, postpartum colds, liver or kidney disease, and fractureinjury. The root, stem, leaf and flower of One Root are all edible, and two- tothree-year-old One Root possesses the best medical efficacy.

Thoughthe residents of Kinmen are used to the humid weather, some residents sufferfrom joint-related pain or problems. When KMT soldiers went to Kinmen as partof their military duty, some of the soldiers experienced sore joints due to thedull and humid weather. No matter because of human nature or the result ofhuman intelligence, people have discovered the medical efficacies of One Root. Afew years ago, the Kinmen County Agricultural Research Institute cooperatedwith agricultural experts from National Taiwan University to prove theeffectiveness of One Root in soothing joint pain. Now we echo the TourismDepartment of Kinmen to promote this well-known quality assured product.



Breathableoil stretch patch, easy to apply on skin.

Highestquality and 100% made in Taiwan. 

Last Update : 2014-05-29
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