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Multipurpose Biodegradable Plastic Additive

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Keep The Earth Green.

Key Features

Freatures & Strengths:1. Our biodegradable plastic additive, OSEP101, owns food grade security. 2. OSEP101, biodegradable plastic additive is Non water-solubility, and which is suitable for applying to packing water-based and oil-based objects. 3. The plastics involved certain adding ratio of OSEP101,biodegradable plastic additive are easy to be incinerated, and no any virulent gas or harmful ash generated while burning, which won’t damage the incinerator and its wall as well.
4. High allowing ventilation, apply to making of raincoat, disposable diapers, and some other articles with more competitive price and eco-friendly feature. 5. Own excellent anti-static, which is very suitable to apply to packing stuff for electronic parts or products. 6. There has no any pollution generated in manufacturing process. 7. The plastics involved over 40% of OSEP101, biodegradable plastic additive, will begin to be decomposed within 60 to 90days after dumping, it could be gradually decomposed by underground landfill to achieve trash reducing gradually. 8. The plastics involved our biodegradable plastic additive, OSEP101, could keep well physical properties, and be preserved for 5 years in storage by packing in normal and dry condition without spoiling, and which will begin to be decomposed once throw it away outside under natural environment. 9. No need to change your ready-have production equipments, machines and molds when you decide to use our biodegradable plastic additive, OSEP101, in process. 10. Our biodegradable plastic additive OSEP101 is cheaper than other traditional plastic pellets, not only let you fully cost down in material but transform your plastic products to popular eco-friendly merchandises. The Plastic products involved our additive, OSEP101 (over 40% adding ratio) own following features: It will not be changed its plastic molecular structure, only its composition will be changed.
  • It could be recycled and than second pelletized.
  • Its degradable agents included water, soil, bacteria, sunshine and fire.
  • It always keeps good plastic properties uder normal using environment, only will be biodegradable after 60-90days when scrapping and landfill, then it will come to 70% of object in degradation within one year, meanwhile it will generated a lot of humus after biodegradation, and which is very useful to composting as well as it is effective to achieve reducing resource waste.
  • It owns excellent plastic and physical properties as well as feature of biodegradation.
  • This additive's main ingredients are exclusive modified starch with patented formula instead of conventional cornstarch or carbon carbonate, and which will not cause food shortage and crop resource exhausted.
  • This additive could mix with any plastic raw materials such as PE, PP, ABS, and could be applied to almost all processing such as blowing, suction, extrusion, injection, and foaming.

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Last Update : 2015-05-20
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