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Organic Eucommia Leaf Tea Bag

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«   This product won the 2004 ROC Consumers Association Foundation “Gold Product Award” and “Customer Satisfaction Gold Award” «   The raw materials used in this product have been certified by BoAn Medical Co., and have NT$10 million Cathy Century Insurance Co. product liability insurance cover. «   The manufacturers of this product are SGS and ISO 9001:2000 certified. «   The raw materials used in this product are certified organic by the EU, 2008 JAS of Japan and SGS. «   This production has been awarded an inspection certificate by Taiwan’s General Standard Laboratory, the Taiwan Food Industry Research & Development Institute and Liu-Kong Agriculture Foundation, proving that they contain no lead, mercury or pesticides residues. «This product uses patented pyramid shaped tea bags. The tea bags are elegant in appearance, have a gauze-like filtering function and can be brewed for a length of time without losing their shape. The design of the bags allows the tea inside to quickly expand, releasing the flavor and fragrance within. When entertaining guest, the tea bags can be placed in glass teacups/teapot, allowing them to be observed the visually soothing effect helping create a relaxing atmosphere. ü   This product is suitable for: þ   Women during and after pregnancy þ   Office workers who send long hours sat down þ   Mentally and physically fatigued people þ   People who stay up late and eat out þ   This product is suitable for people of all ages. [   Live the LOHAS life: 4   For people who want be healthy: Strengthen your body, become revitalized and stay healthy. 4   For women who want to look good: Women will see their figures improved. 4   The collagen inside the body will be activated, and metabolism will also be stimulated, making you feel and look better. 4   This product also regulates the physiological functions, helps digestion and smoothes bowel movements, helping you stay clean internally and live a happy life.

Last Update : 2011-11-02
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