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Pineapple story

Bracteata contained one seedling into bloom in June adopted ‧ pineapple
(The meaning of a pineapple from seed 『』 『』 to 『Forcing』 harvesting period of 18 months required)

   Pineapple originated in tropical South America, Brazil, as the sixteenth century Spain ‧
Colonial and missionary spread into the South China coast, Taiwan at the end of the Qing Emperor Kangxi
From Guangdong to introduce pineapple cultivation, known as celecoxib Honey 』『 wave.
   『Pineapple spread to Taiwan and Taiwanese』 『』 wang to homonyms, there are thriving
Words, good luck to Wangwang means, pineapple taste, voice, and good luck, good,
Therefore, it is popular favorite of the people of Taiwan fruit, pineapple nature of high temperature, climate temperature
An average of 20-27 degrees, suitable for the hilly slopes of the best cultivated in central and southern Taiwan, the environment,
There are well-known origin Kuanmiao, Tainan, Kaohsiung trees in Taiwan have produced all year round
, The sweet and sour pineapple seasonally in accordance with different quality to the spring and summer fruit (-6 months in late April)
Is the most sweet, and fruit in winter (November - February the following year) slightly acidic pineapple production in Taiwan
Improved agricultural technologies improve, a wide variety of pineapple, quality of taste
Yong Zhi world, caused by, the demand of export orders, creating the whole world into 『
Best to eat pineapple industry, on the reputation of Taiwan 』.
   『Felt pineapple farmers planted from seedlings to harvest to be 18 months of hard work and Month
『Introduced pineapples grow in the earth or what parts』?
   Therefore, the baking Jinlong Cai】 【box pineapple cake to cover completely the ecological pineapple
Designed characteristics.

Last Update : 2015-06-23
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