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Professional ODM/OEM supplementary foods in various formulations (Hard Capsule,Soft Capsule,Tablet,Powder,Liquid)

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Key Features

Bionin Biotechnology Inc. manufactures functional/health foods in various formulations:

Hard Capsule

Soft Capsule


Powder (sachet)

Liquid (bottle)

The following are the patent raw materials created by our core technologies:


π-7® (Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) Immune Modulation System)

PRO68® (Biolysis Essence of Fruits and Vegetables)

PROX® (In vivo environmental protection system)

GINSAP® (Biolysis Ginseng saponins)

SPIRIN® (Biolysis Essence of Spirulina)

Catechinites® (Biolysis Essence of Tea Polyphenols)

BEPEARL® (Biolysis Essence of Pearl)

FAME® (Biolysis Essence of Isoflavones)

ACE® -minerals (Bio-chelating Minerals (ACE, Amino Acids Chelate Element))

Antrodia cinnamomea

Sialicid® (Biolysis Sialic Acid)

Propanquin® (Biolysis Ginseng Proteins)

Cordyceps militaris

Procorio® (Procorio Mycelium)

Company Profile:

Bionin Biotechnology Corporation (Bionin, Inc., USA) was founded in Seattle, Washington State in 1998.

Taipei branche was established 8 years later as the Asia-Pacific operation center which holds the licensing and complete technical transfer from Bionin Inc.,USA.


Thanks to our R & D-based profile, the company dedicates to manufacture the series of functional/health foods and cosmetic products.

From raw materials,formulation,production to the final packaging,we provide the total solutions by OEM & ODM based on your needs and your commercial channels, in order to customerlize the services you require.In addition,having the exclusive licensing technology transferred from Bionin Inc.,USA,the company possesses as well the ability in microbial technology and a number of core technologies which create our patent raw materials.

On the manufacturing side,we builded our own GMP certified production plant in Yilan,a beautiful city in east of Taiwan, to achieve the mass production by professional controls.Our company is entitled of several internaitonal certifications such like ISO 9001,ISO 22001,ISO 22716 (international cosmetic GMP),HACCP and FDA.

Other than our competitive prices, the quality of our products is also quite stand-out.We are not only helping you to reduce the R & D costs, but also helping you to design and create your own brand into the global market.

In case of optimizing the developments for your company,Bionin is obviously your best partner choice in commercial fields.

Please visit our company website to know us better:


Last Update : 2011-06-02
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