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SM-525 L Type Full Automatic Sealing Packing Machine

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  • Application : Machinery & Hardware
  • Driven Type : Mechanical

Key Features

Functional description

  L type automatic sealing packing machine is a hermetically

sealed package multifunction machine for a wide range of

materials. Easy to adjust the size of the package, it’s most

appropriate to single boxed items of packaging or the

collective items with plus a cardboard in the bottom may also

apply. Easy to operate is the automatic sealing packaging

machines are widely used to save labor costs.


Product features

  • It has a wide range of usage, suitable for making shrink

    packages for all kinds of products such as general

    foodstuff, electronics, stationary, hardware tools,

    cosmetics, and medicine etc.

  • It is suitable for using soft shrink film materials such as

    PP, PE, POF etc., uses one-side opened film roll, and seals

    package with L type sealing method. It is characterized by

    waterproof, moisture-proof, and dirt-proof. The packed

    product is beautiful.

  • Instantaneous heating method is used to cut seals quickly

    making the seals beautiful. It saves power, and its cutting

    time and temperature can be adjusted according to the

    thickness of the shrink film.

  • With the magic eye device, packing can be adjusted

    horizontally and vertically according to the size and

    thickness of the packed articles.

  • With automatic feeding, the front and rear length can be

    adjusted under the combined control of the magic eye

    device and the timer.

  • When it is time to change packed articles, adjustment of

    positions can be done simply by adjusting the front and

    rear handles.

  • Scraps can be rolled up for easy disposal so as to keep a

    good working environment.

  • It is simple to operate, what you need to do is to simply

    put the articles to be packed on the conveyer belt and the

    packing process will be carried out automatically.


Working procedures

  L type full automatic sealing packing machine will work

with certain working procedures. An External conveyer belt

can be used to connect the shrinking machine. It uses

horizontal and vertical magic eyes for precise positioning.

Packing size can be changed easily. Packing can be done

easily by putting the articles to be packed on the conveyer

belt. Packing speed can be designed according to product size

within a frequency range of 12 to 15 packages per minute.

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT

Last Update : 2016-07-13
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