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SP-2502B Filling and Sealing Machine

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Key Features

1.          SP-2502A for Yogurt                

2.          Product rate: 3,000~4,000 cups / hour

3.          Cup volume: 50~100ml

4.          Cup size: Based on the sample

5.          Air consumption: 200Liter / minute

6.          Power supply: 220~380V / 50-60Hz (Please confirm)

7.          Power consumption: 2Kw

8.          Touch screen: Made in Taiwan

9.          Gear box: Made in Taiwan

10.      PLC Control system: Made in Taiwan

11.      Inverter: Made in Taiwan

12.      Main motor: Made in Taiwan

13.      Pneumatic system spare parts: ISO Applied

14.      Machine dimension (L×W×H): 1500mm × 1500mm × 2000mm

15.      The machine is constructed of stainless steel to meet sanitation standards

16.      Weight: 350 kg

17.      Minimum space occupied and easy to operate

18.      Automatic cup falling system (Cups should meet the falling condition)

19.      Automatic piston filling system (Filling volume is adjustable)

20.      Design with a 15 Liter filling tank

21.      Liquid level control refill system (Customer should provide the pump)

22.      Self-CIP system

l      Includes a 100 liter filling tank

l      Includes two recycle pumps

l      Includes a spurt ball for cleaning the filling tank

l      Buyer needs to prepare the CIP liquid 

23.      Pre-cut foil stock device

24.      Pre-cut foil dispensing system (Mechanical type)

25.      Automatic sealing system

26.      Independent temperature controller for each mold

27.      Automatic product out-feed system (Mechanical type)

28.      Discharge conveyor (2 Meters)

29.      Material of the molds: Alloy Aluminum

30.      Material of spring and screw: Stainless steel (SUS# 304)

31.      Additional emergency stop switch for safety protection

Last Update : 2010-03-24
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