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SUPER-300 Series Rice Grain Dryer

Model No.
SUPER-300 Series
Made in
SUNCUE COMPANY LTD.More About This Product
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  • Type : Rice,Wheat Seed

Key Features

1. Product Information: 

Brand: SUNCUE 

Model: SUPER-300G

Country of Origin: Taiwan


2. Specification:

(1) Dimensions: 

SUPER-300G: 4786 (L) x 3786 (W) x 11629 (H) mm

(2) Handling Capacity:

SUPER-300G: Paddy- Ranging from 4000~30000kg/batch; Wheat -Ranging from 5000~36400kg/batch; Maize- Ranging from 5000~34400kg/batch

* Paddy Weight Dimension: 1 liter = 560 gram above; Wheat weight dimension: 1 liter= 680gram above; Maize weight dimension: 1 liter=690 gram above.


3. Features:

Low- temperature circulating dryers; Designed especially for high unit price grains and high germination rate seed.

* Using low temperature to provide even and speedy drying. Producing high quality grains.

* Spreading device and rotary valves ensure seeds and grains to circulate evenly and make even drying possible.

* Professional use grain dryers which are designed especially for small pack and quality rice. Bring you the highest profit and income.

* All circulating type grain dryers are embedded with a CS - R computerized moisture meter to ensure precise moisture control. It helps to prevent grains from being over dry or under dry. Keep good grain quality. No weight loss and no waste of fuel, electricity, and drying time.

* Multiple safety devices available, such as Thermo-over Relay, Air Pressure Switch, Full Load Buzzer, Timer, Flame Sensor, Control Fuse, Over-heat sensor.

* Gas in different locations has specific gravity, constitution, and pressure, so has different calories. For example, in Japan, 11,000 kcal/m3, in Taiwan, 8,900kcal/m3, in China Sichuan province 8,400 kcal/m3.

* Please hire local professional gas company for gas piping construction.


Last Update : 2017-09-05
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