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Taiwan Jin Xuan Oolong (Milk Oolong Tea )

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Premium Taiwan oolong tea of SMT

Key Features

Product Name: Jin Xuan Oolong (Milk Oolong Tea)

Brewed color: Yellow-gold.

Flavor: Buttery and milk smell, ever so slightly sweet.

Aftertaste: Pleasant, lingering, coating the back of your throat.

Origin: Nantou, Taiwan

This Jinxuan oolong and Jade Oolong was found in year 1981 by a “Tea Research and Extension Station”. At the time when TRES trying to do experiment and asking a farmer to cultivate for JinXuan oolong tea at their place. The farmer was curious, so he producing Jinxuan oolong without permit from TRES and given try to people. When people drinking this tea and asking what kind of this tea? What kind is the strain? The farmer does not know anything about it and do not know how to anwser. Therefore he go back to his tea farm and see there is a notice board written 「2027」. Therefore he told people that was No.27.  So Jade oolong is 「2029」people called No.29. After that because there are more and more tea house are open. So TRES named both teas Jinxuan Oolong and Jade Oolong.

Finding new breed tea is a long term work. It takes 21 years finding Jade oolong and Jin Xuan Oolong.  Which the process is from: 

Select the tea plant à Cross –breedingà first step finding the young tea plant (1year) àSecond step finding the new best breed (6years)à third step compare with different new tea plant then choice te best oneà final step growing in the tea farm for testing àNamed the tea plant when success,  takes 21 year

The 2 of the renew oolong, Jade oolong and Jin Xuan oolong was found by Dr. Zhen Zhe Wu who was the former president of TRES. It is re-created the tea market in 1980 when the tea in the peak sales. It brings tea to the new period from his found. He is one of the most important people so we called him a “Father of the Taiwan tea”. He was dread in 1993. 

Last Update : 2014-06-18
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