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Vinegar Soft Drink Stylish Gift Box 420ML

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Natural, Health, Delicious


  • Ginger Vinegar : 420ml / bottle
  • Lavender Vinegar  : 420ml / bottle
  • Lemongrass Vinegar : 420ml / bottle
  • Perilla Vinegar : 420ml / bottle
  • Rose Vinegar  : 420ml / bottle
  • Rosemary Vinegar : 420ml / bottle
  • Sweet-scented Osmanthus Vinegar : 420ml / bottle

Key Features

Our vinegar is your best choice !!!

Herbs vinegar3 Secrets to Make It Delicious :

Delicious apple vinegar, natural herbs and selected honey create a tasteful drinking.Herbs vinegar is also made from a special fermentation process.That's the reason why our herbs vinegar is so special.

Honey: The bees collect the honey for many flowers. Because of varied contents, mixed flower honey will have the fresh taste and flavor.

Apple vinegar: We choose Austrian apple and press directly. That's how all the previous ingredients of our direct pressed juice are preserved. In a 3 months fermentation process, how delicious it will be.

Natural Herbs: We select the most fragrant type from several herbs, no pesticide are used in plants. Herbs are selected from the finest harvests and to be dried completely each year to keep the best flavors.


Rose Vinegar - Queen of flowers scented unique elegance.

Ever-changing grace attempts our minds, makes us tender, the symbol of the power of love.


Lemon grass Vinegar - Elegant fragrance makes people refreshing.

Lemon grass is Gramineae plant spreading lemon fragrance; it is often used in tropical cuisines, allegedly, such rich aroma lasts longer than lemon does.


Rosemary Vinegar - Elegance derived from embroidered rosemary laureate.

Rosemary with various colors including blue, light purple, pink, and white is produced from Mediterranean coast. Winter and summer are the seasons of rosemary which is not only called Maria’s rose but also called as ros marinus in Latin, which means a drop in the ocean.


Perilla Shino Vinegar - Unmatched oriental beauty.

Every wreath garlands are sweet-scented giving ease and peace shaping this unique perilla shine garden.

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT
  • Minimum Order : 1 Pallet/Pallets


    Natural Herbal Vinegar in Taiwan

Last Update : 2017-10-17
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